Christmas Card Fail, Photoshop Win

It’s Christmas card season. They’ve already started taking over my parent’s mantle and fridge (they’re way more popular than I am…)! My good friend Dacia from Lemon Drop Life did a review of so I decided to give it a shot. Love, love, love it. And although it’s too late to get Christmas cards delivered by Christmas Eve, they have Holiday themes and New Years as well! Plus they mail it for you. 🙂

But let’s get to the good stuff…me failing. Recently I purchased a new camera. You’ve probably heard me whining about my broken camera and I’m certain I’ve posted about it, too. But all is well in the Hunter household! I finally get to try out my brand new 50mm lenses and a couple lenses I found on SLR film cameras. Glorious.

One thing I love taking pictures of is my baby, Trigger. He is just so handsome! I mean look at that face.


But it’s like he has a sixth sense and knows when I am trying to take his picture. With a phone, with a camera, secretly in his sleep, by surprise when he’s playing…he just stops. Turns away from the camera, looks terrified or makes mean faces. But he is so, so cute when he is smiley and happy! I had someone snap a few “Christmas card worthy” pictures. Straightened my hair, put on a cute shirt and scarf and sat outside with pup. He literally hated it. This is what I got:

IMG_0050 IMG_0047 IMG_0044

Not a great first try at the whole, Christmas card thing. He literally hated every second of it so I didn’t try to push for other outfits/locations.

BUT LOOK AT THOSE FILTERS. That’s where the Photoshop win comes in! I have a sample pack from Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop actions and really liked experimenting with them. Cannot wait to get more, or even learn to make my own 😀

Are you sending out any holiday cards this season? Are you a frequent holiday card sender? I would love to see them!


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Monday, Monday. Are you as exhausted as I am? Maybe it was my first 12 hour shift at work. Lucky me I am off tomorrow 🙂

Speaking of tomorrow…there will be some major changes going on ’round here. I can’t stand looking at this (let’s be honest) lame layout anymore. So many better ideas have been flooding me for weeks. Since I’m pretty much technologically a dodo bird, I’ve brought in an expert to get the job done. No worries, he is doing something fancy where I can still post while we both work to make something epic.

I will leave you with this one sneak peek of what’s to come:

Color PalletYes, I am still obsessed with mint. The color scheme is the hardest. Pinterest just lays it on ya, pallet after pallet after pallet. I knew I wanted to stick with mint, but what can tie it all together, be bright and cheery like myself but not burn your retinas? Tangerine can. Tangerine is like the smooth, chilled out older brother of orange. He invites you to his great party, hosts everyone with ease without running around screaming like his little bro, orange. Ya digg?

I cannot waiiit for this project to get rolling. But for now I must go and finish gathering all my ideas 🙂 What do you think of the new, fun pallet yet to come? Anything you would die to see on here?! Let me know!