Dude Does a Better Top Knot Than Me

It’s probably the hardest thing for me to say: but Joakim Noah of the Bulls pulls of a better top knot than I can.


Joakim 3

Just look at that exquisite styling! There’s no way he does that by himself…

Top knots are all the rage- my mother of course thinks they’re hideous but I love them. Technically it started with a no heat way to curls your hair- with a sock bun! Once word got out you can use a sock to make the perfect donut look girls went crazaaay! And apparently Joakim did, too. 😉 Personally, I think Miley did it best (when she had it):


Adorbs. But I have seen a million different takes on the style…braids, tall and narrow, small and fat, teased. All of which looks cute on the right girl. Others, disasters.

I admit I have tried dozens of different techniques and tricks to get that adorable little mass of hair to stay on top of my head. Failure after failure. In true scientific fashion, I’ve concluded the girls in the tutorials have shorter/thinner hair than I do. There’s just too much cramped into a small space so all the little follicles say HECK NO! (Apologies for the poor image quality. It was a weird day.)

Top Knot-020

Top Knot-022This one doesn’t look too bad from the front…unfortunately there are two parts of the hair tie visible and it falls down after an hour. Now, if I could make this work WITHOUT the top looking all jank, it’d be grrreat!

To capitalize on the sock idea, some stores started making mesh donut shaped bun makers. I bought mine from H&M (5$…of course they’re cheaper now!).

Top Knot-029

Top Knot-046

Top Knot-050

To be fair, I guess it’s okay. I can do one lower that looks cute…but nothing really right on top. It’s too hard to wrap everything around and get it looking smooth. (Open to suggestions, of course!). Yes, you can do this without it being right on top of your head, but as you can tell, mine sticks up rather than lies down. The first two pictures were done while my hair was wavy, the latter while it was straight. Even though I’m not a top knot guru, doesn’t mean you can’t be! If you haven’t tried this adorable style, I suggest you do 🙂

Here’s the sock bun video that started my fascination.

Any top knot tips or tricks? Any funny stories of this knot working out for you, either (see what I did there 😉 )?


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Mint Condition

Hey all! How about this rain, huh? This post has been a long time coming- I’ve been MIA (but for good reasons) lately. It’s hard to focus on the bloggy world when you’re GRADUATING! *Cue chorus of angels*

This past weekend was spent shopping for a killer interview outfit (perhaps I will share that with you guys later!). Every store was laced with mint colored clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. You could say I got a little distracted…and drooled some. But it’s such a pretty color! I’m excited to see it’s role in the spring fashion- if spring ever shows up.

Here’s my April Wish List; full of gush worthy items!

MintSources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


No, I don’t wear glasses, but It’s been my Christmas wish for years! They probably wouldn’t even look that great on me but a girl can dream. I suppose the boots are more turquoise but I should get a pair considering my last name is Hunter. The white blazer is a staple for anyone’s wardrobe. I’ve got one but not quite… as professional or structured (the gold studded pocket detail is what sold me). Of course every girl needs a fancy phone case and matching bag! I’m loving the satchel/shoulder totes lately. Last, but not least, that umbrella! My obsession with stripes will probably never go away. I love it’s classic look!

What’s your favorite of the six finds? What kind fashion finds are you looking forward to this spring?


P.s. I’m glad to be back 😉