Before: Bedroom

It’s been a crazy weekend here in the Mid West. Tornadoes, rain, sickness. The usual. We were lucky enough here in Bloomington to only see rain, but I know my friends up north had lots of wind and a few tornadoes touch down. It’s always disheartening to see people left without homes, but ’round here those who are fortunate always help out their neighbors. That’s one thing I absolutely love about living here 🙂 Before we jump to today’s post, I found an amazing article with links to relief efforts in Illinois, focusing on those who lost their pets (I would die without Trigger, for real)…please feel free to check it out here.

In hopes this will get my butt in gear to decorate my house, I want to share with you guys some “before” pictures. All in all we will be looking at my bedroom, craft room, living room and dining area. But first a little background on our temporary abode…

We moved in about two months ago. I was the only one who could look at the house since my roommate Tyler was living elsewhere. Luckily he trusted my judgement enough-or didn’t really care-to let me say yay or nay. The moment I walked in I knew I had to live here! The living/dining room wall is wooden boards painted white. So 70s. I shrieked a little…but you will have to wait on that post. 😉 Everything but the bedrooms are hardwood floor (PRAISE!). The doors and trim are a weird combo of dark mauve and olive, respectively. A bit strange but this place has some charm, let me tell ya.

First, I want to focus on my bedroom. I chose this room specifically for the built in book shelves. My bed is giant compared to the tiny room so it makes it feel even smaller. Add in all my stuff and we’re super cramped.



I rearranged to have my bed this way because it was too wide to fit between the book shelves and the wall. Would have made for amazing tetris. If you follow me on Insta, you may remember the next picture from first moving in. If you don’t, you better get on it! 😀 It’s the only shelf still decorated.

IMG_3630Here’s what my shelves actually look like close up…

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESA little scary, I will admit. Just a random assortment of things. And a really crappy picture, my b. I’m a wee obsessed with my Abe bust. And trust me, there are about 45340 more cameras to show off. The brightly colored pillows will be covered and probably put in the living room. I have a ton of pictures, but I’m not too keen on all the different frames I have, there’s really no coordination. Not even “random” coordination. Just yuck. The print at the bottom was my favorite thing from my grandparent’s house. It’s French and wonderful!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLeo loves my bed. And yes, I know I don’t have a frame. But I’m starting to kind of like it…just means I can’t shove stuff under my bed when I ‘clean’ 😉 Oh and the inside of my closet is absolutely a weird mint color. And you can kind of see the weird dark mauve color of the doors. The walls look white but they’re actually a weird white and tan from being half way painted. If you’re saying “where on earth are all your shoes, girl?!” to that I say…in my craft room closet. That’s right, they get their own closet.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI adore my shutter changing doors. Right now they’re up for sale 😦 (if you want them, let me know! 😉 ). They’re just too big and need a good home where they can be shown off in the proper way. In the meantime, what do we think of inter-wrapped twine with pictures hung by stained clothes pins? Those shutters and my night stand were a Hot House Market find. I just have the one weird fake wood wall. Which is ironic because my parent’s house is a log cabin and my bedroom was two walls of logs two regular walls. An odd set up, but I think I can manage. 🙂

I would love to hear any suggestions you guys have about decor/color schemes/DIY projects or even organization tips! I’m terrible when it comes to keeping this clean and organized. Ya’ll  got lucky this time. Just don’t forget I’m renting, so nothing permanent or crazy expensive!

The only space I have put good thought into so far is the living room. I can’t wait to share the rest of the house and see what you guys think. What have you been up to lately?!


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5 thoughts on “Before: Bedroom

  1. Wow, I have family in Bloomington, just had a family reunion there maybe two years ago. Nice link, hope everyone is well.
    As for the room, I like! Like you said, the colors are weird but they mesh awkwardly well together. Not my I could suggest tho, my place has been pretty much the same since I moved in close to three years ago lol.

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