I’ve Died and Gone to Heaven

Happy whatever day of the week it is, I’ve lost track. That happens when you’re having fun in the sun πŸ˜‰

Yesterday I took my first trip to the store of all stores: IKEA. It made me rethink every decision of my adult life. So many great inspirations, patterns and pretty things to ogle over. They even serve food…say what?! I was on the hunt for anything to spruce up the pad. As we walked through the display rooms I almost died. Eyes popped out, mouth dropped, probably drooling, in my head screaming “IS THIS REAL?!”

After paroozing I decided our living room was going in a cave-like direction. Most everything we have now is dark, except the coffee table. No bright and cheery. No expression of our actual personalities: two crazy broke girls with a creative bone. What’s worse is our living room doesn’t get good light at all. So now I’m on the hunt for pieces that will bring life into our cozy home.

Here’s a picture I used to show you guys our new coffee table in this post:

Coffee Table

There’s a ton going on here. We chose green because…uhhh…there was really no great revelation for the color choice. It went more like “what color should we paint our living room? What about one color but two walls a shade darker to open it up? How about green? Okay cool.” It happened to match our awesome grandma couch gifted from the Grandfather himself.

Back to the point. IKEA blew my mind. It’s inspired me to make over our living room to reflect who Allie and I are. Check out a few of the inspiring items I found:


Comforter set….with little monsters!


The Aztec diamond pattern was to die for…and $3.99 pillow covers? Shut the front door.


I went crazy for these pillows! They would be perfect somewhere…somehow. I would create a whole room around them. But not for $12.99 a pop. 😦



We found the fabric section! My oh my talk about heaven




This cutie helped me pick out curtains. She looooved modeling! Silly and goofy faces all day long πŸ™‚


Love those ball lights. I have a feeling they’ll go somewhere. How funky?


A vast store of virtually everything you could think of. We were slightly rushed…hopefully I can get up to Chicago sometime over the summer for a proper 4-5 hour trip.

I can’t wait to show off what I wound up buying! πŸ˜€ Am I a little late to the IKEA party? What kind of stuff have you guys got from there? I would love to know how you’ve used their style to update your home.


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Hot House Finds

Remember how I was raving about a little store called Hot House Market? Well, it’s time to show you what I actually bought!

If you tried playing I Spy, let me help you out:


This was kind of a trick question, because really there were two things; just one you can’t see very well. But if you guessed the mauve shutters you’d be right! Lemme go bake you some cookies. πŸ™‚

In total I purchased: the shutters, end table, coffee table, two tin…what’s the word I’m looking for here- basket things?, a head band, a camera or two and a red sweater.




Night Stand



Coffee Table


We clearly need better lighting so I can take better photos- but what do you guys think?! I love the light blue coffee table. It brings together the craziness of our living room so far. My plan for the shutters is stringing twine across to hang pictures. The bins will hold crafty things like glue and fabric. Drawing with the chalk was a LOT harder than expected 😦 I absolutely adore my night stand!



Trigger loves the new digs!



And sticking his nose in my camera.

There’s still a plethora of things to finish in my room. I haven’t even started putting things away in the craft table. Let alone building a spot for all my cameras! Yikes.

Go like Hot House Market on Facebook for updates on the new stuff they get and be sure to check them out on 9th and Kossuth! πŸ™‚


P.S. I arrived in Florida yesterday- be prepared for some travel updates! πŸ˜€

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