Salvage Sisters Stole My Heart

Happy Wednesday! I have some super cool things to share with you guys. Last weekend I spent trolling around with my momma doing cool girly things like thrift shopping and eating fresh apples (more on that later). We took our first trip to Salvage Sisters in Franklin; she’s been talking about it fa dayz…We decided it was high time to go. {If you’re visiting from the Salvage Sisters’ page- WELCOME! Stay a while, won’t ya?}


This place made my heart explode with happiness. I got a little excited.


The booths are decorated to the nines. I think this Christmas Grinch may have even gotten a little inspiration 😉 Although it’s far too soon to decorate, who says you can’t plan? Let me show you just a few of the goodies I found:


This was the first display I saw. The table was a beautiful gray and oh my heavens that chandelier!  Hung from a ladder? Do tell me more.

IMG_0004Red is definitely going to be a color in the upcoming Christmas season. How cute are these flower patterned plates? With some blue accent napkins?

IMG_0007Oh man. In my perfect rustic dream cabin would be these jars. WHOOOOOOOOO.

IMG_0009Perfect for storing your…you guessed it! Junk!

IMG_0011I love me some music sheets in decor. Using them instead of candles in a chic holder? Brilliant.

IMG_0013Holy silhouettes! This would be perfect for a little girl’s room 🙂

It’s safe to say when I can actually buy things Salvage Sisters will be my first stop. For those of you who have shopped there, what kind of things did you find? Do you want to just shout for joy at all the little treasures?!


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Hot House Finds

Remember how I was raving about a little store called Hot House Market? Well, it’s time to show you what I actually bought!

If you tried playing I Spy, let me help you out:


This was kind of a trick question, because really there were two things; just one you can’t see very well. But if you guessed the mauve shutters you’d be right! Lemme go bake you some cookies. 🙂

In total I purchased: the shutters, end table, coffee table, two tin…what’s the word I’m looking for here- basket things?, a head band, a camera or two and a red sweater.




Night Stand



Coffee Table


We clearly need better lighting so I can take better photos- but what do you guys think?! I love the light blue coffee table. It brings together the craziness of our living room so far. My plan for the shutters is stringing twine across to hang pictures. The bins will hold crafty things like glue and fabric. Drawing with the chalk was a LOT harder than expected 😦 I absolutely adore my night stand!



Trigger loves the new digs!



And sticking his nose in my camera.

There’s still a plethora of things to finish in my room. I haven’t even started putting things away in the craft table. Let alone building a spot for all my cameras! Yikes.

Go like Hot House Market on Facebook for updates on the new stuff they get and be sure to check them out on 9th and Kossuth! 🙂


P.S. I arrived in Florida yesterday- be prepared for some travel updates! 😀

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