Great Explorations

Finally back in Indiana and boy is it cold or what?! I absolutely loved my vacation and it was exactly what I needed! We celebrated my dad and brother’s birthdays, hung out with the kiddos, explored the beaches and ate a ton of sea food. Here’s a few pictures to sum up my trip!

Florida Zaylee Dad and Cory Reese BeachDid you guys get to go anywhere for spring break? Or have any vacations planned soon? I’d love to hear about them 😀 Over the week two of my faaaavorite people got engaged! So excited to help some friends with their weddings and hopefully welcoming a little man to the world in the next couple days (side note: not me, Dacia @ Lemon Drop Life) 😉

Next post is the easiest DIY of the century! Be on the look out 🙂



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Flippin’ Awesome

Literally. Wait for it and I’ll show ya what I mean!

Here’s an easy breezy update on Florida vacation happenings: I explored Tarpon Springs and Dunedin via car (beautiful architecture!), walked around Clearwater Beach, hit up the Sunset Art Show fair thingy, caught the sunset at Sunset Beach and accidentally crashed an online dating mingle session…overall I’d say yesterday was a success! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves: {click on one to view in light box}

UPDATE: Check out exclusive (unedited because I’m lazy) pictures here!

But this is what I mean by flippin’ awesome. Cause these guys…were flippin’ awesome. (see what I did there? 😉 )








I always have mad respect for people who can do cool things like flip off ledges. I didn’t catch their names…oops!…but I’m sure they’re awesome people 🙂

There’s a LOT coming your way this week! If you’re in chilly weather get ready to snuggle up with some hot chocolate and good reads. What are you guys up to this week?!


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