Girl, The Back Of Yo’ Head Is Ridiculous

A friend recently asked if I would share my tips and tricks of how I grew my hair out so quickly. This summer will mark 3 years.

Short to Long

Love me some unicorns 😉

Here are some things I started doing to grow out my hair:

1. Never use the same shampoo/conditioner back to back. Meaning when you run out, switch it up. Your hair will eventually get used to the chemicals and revert to a natural state of producing oil. Research good products for your hair type. There are tons of reviews online! I love Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship and Tresemme Naturals. Feel free to alternate between two, but once you’re out use something different. I typically wash my hair once a week; I know that sounds gross, but it works for me. For those of you that wash your hair everyday- SHAME ON YOU.

Shame On You


That’s right. And don’t give me that “it gets so greasy!” excuse. It gets greasy because you wash it so much. Your hair feels like it needs to produce extra oils to compensate for being stripped of everything actually healthy.

2. Use as little product as possible. There are tons of products out there…help straighten, curl, diffuse, spike, color, yadda yadda your hair. The more natural you can treat your hair the better. Allie showed me Tresemme Split End Remedy about 4 months ago. I’ll admit it’s a miracle worker, however I don’t wash my hair enough to use it. Coconut oil also does the same thing–no harsh chemicals! If you think your hair needs it, choose organic products first.

Lou Ana Coconut Oil


We use LouAna, but there are lots of other brands. Just hit up the Walmart or something.

3. Use as little heat as possible. I straighten my hair now about once a month. Mostly because I like to wake up as late as humanly possible. The plus side being my hair isn’t getting fried as often. I also curl my hair (with an iron) and use a blow dryer less than that. Try different hair styles! I let my hair go wavy for a couple of days, maybe put it in a side pony or braid for a day, up in a pony/bun for a while then wash when it gets really gross. I also rinse with cold water after washing. As little heat as possible here, people! (Here’s a tutorial to curling your hair without heat-makes for a cute hairstyle, too!)

4. Brush gently. Try your best not to hack your hair with a brush. I struggle with this sometimes. My hair turns into a rat’s nest in minutes. It’s also good to brush all the knots from your hair before you shower.

5. Don’t brush or put up after you shower. Your hair is very fragile when wet. Baby it as much as you can. Brushing and putting up in a pony tail or bun can cause your hair to break off. If you like to blow dry, try to let it air dry first as much as you can.

–To help your hair grow, massage your scalp everyday for ~5 minutes. Blood flow to your scalp is crucial when trying to get length!

–MYTH: trimming your hair helps it grow. Let’s think about this for a minute…you have something that grows from a root. Why would trimming an end help the root grow? Because a part distant from the source of growth is dead? I will agree it makes your hair look healthier, but it does not play a major roll in hair growth. I haven’t cut my hair in two years, not even a trim, and it’s grown about 12 inches.

–Understand hair has a terminal length. Your hair might not grow longer than your collar-bone or maybe it will grow down to your feet! Who knows?! It’s all left up to genetics, honestly. Don’t be upset if you can’t seem to grow your hair out super long. Try pre-natal vitamins!


Sorry for such a wordy post today! But I hope this helps you 🙂 What kind of hair tips do you have? Would you ever ween yourself off of shampoo and conditioner and just wash with water?





DIY: No Heat Hair Straightener

It’s the middle of the week; how are you guys holding up? Anything exciting going on? We’re just planning our apartment layout and not cleaning, per usual. But, while scrolling on Pinterest, Allie and I found some interesting recipes with basically the only thing left in our pantry: brown sugar (we obviously need to grocery shop).

Brown sugar is the weird, less talented cousin of coconut oil. Just look at all the uses coconut oil has pointed out by my friend over at DIYConfessions. It’s the star of the show! But brown sugar tries… and succeeds in a few areas.

In this house we are obsessed with Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken and substituting brown sugar in our coffee. We also found some non conventional uses for the sweet treat: face scrub and hair straightener. Now you’re thinking, “wait…what did you just say?! Hair STRAIGHTENER? Brown sugar?!”


I found it on the internet, and they can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true. So, I’m fairly sure. (Before I go on, we loved the face scrub. Our skin is soooo soft- go try it!)

Face Scrub

I try my best to use as little heat on my hair as possible. Keep those locks luscious and healthy! This two ingredient DIY is too easy not to try. Here it goes!

wavy hairHere’s what my hair looks like after a good wash and air dry. First treatment of coconut oil as well! I’ll fill you in on that later 😉hair

1. Materials: 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, spray bottle.

2. Mix the water and brown sugar. I used warm water to help it dissolve faster.

3. Pour into spray bottle.

4. Spray! Make sure your hair is damp, first.

5. Let it air dry.

Not too difficult, right?! We put a towel down so less goo would get on our kitchen floor. Shortly after I brushed my hair out because when wet it reverts to being wavy. I tried keeping it as straight as possible to help the process.

Deep down I knew this wouldn’t work really well. Gotta try anyway, right? On a scale of one to ten, I rate this as someone, please let me go back in time and realize how awful an idea this was. My hair ended up very sticky and brittle, but ever so tasty. I’m honestly afraid to brush it…what if it breaks off and I’m left with small patches of hair? Washing it out ASAP. And it’s not even remotely straight! 😦


Let my failure be a lesson to you. This easy Pinterest DIY is no bueno. They suck you in, too, with this picture…a gorgeous girl with that desirable, perfectly straight and silky soft hair:

Straight Hairsource

Get real.

Maybe I’ll write a post on my tips and tricks for healthy hair?

Did anyone else see failure coming?! What strange uses for brown sugar do you have?