Nerd Attack! Just Spit Ballin’

These posts are usually meant for Fridays. Between class, work and a little mishap with my chemistry homework I was a busy bee! I’m getting excited for this semester, though…learning lots of cool science-y stuff 🙂

I was talking with some girls in my chemistry class and our professor about how moms always pick at their kids…hair on their shirt, food on their face, etc…even if we are 23 years old! It got me thinking: how many people actually know why you use spit to clean off your kids face? Or the ketchup you just spilled on your favorite t-shirt? It’s actually related to the detergent you use to do your laundry!

Or should we say laundry is based off how our saliva works. There are these enzymes in our saliva that break down gunk (starch). Alpha-amylase (am-UH-lase) is the main go getter. Your spit also breaks down some of the stuff you eat. How cool? So because of your spit, you now have laundry detergent. Thank you, science.



So the next time your kiddo has food on their face and they’re going “moooooooooooom!” as you dig your saliva soaked thumb into their cheek, just remind them your spit’s hard at work, making them clean.


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Nerd Attack! DIY Touch Screen Gloves

Hello hellO! How’s your Friday going? I hope it’s going well because it’s F R I D A Y! Yeah!

I finally joined the 21st century and got an iPhone yesterday. At the AT&T store a friend and I noticed they sell gloves to use in the winter with your touch screen phone. Expensive. There’s gotta be a cheaper option, right? Today’s Nerd Attack! is also a DIY 😀 Two-fer. Can’t beat that. I found this quick project on, one of my favorite nerd sites.

Let’s think about why your touch screen doesn’t work through normal gloves, first. The iPhone uses electricity to recognize changes on the screen’s surface. (Not all touch screens use this method!)

Touch Screen

Gloves aren’t good at conducting electricity 😦 That poses a problem when you want to use your phone. You can go pay 40-50$ for gloves made for it or you can just modify your own for cheap!

One slight set back; you need to buy (online) silver plated nylon thread. Not really available in stores. But it’s fairly cheap: 5$ on Etsy.

Popular Science says to sew a star or other solid shape on the index finger of your glove. This will conduct the electricity from your finger to the phone. YAY! Problem solved.


Check the article out here.

Try it out for yourself! I don’t have a pair of gloves this would really work on. Remember, it will be harder to stitch leather. 🙂

Happy weekend-ing!