Giveaway from Zinio!

Hello there beautiful people! We need to talk (ruh roh).

Now…I think you guys are pretty awesome, and the people at Zinio think so, too.

Zinio Logo 120 x 60 px

Haven’t heard of them yet? They’re the world’s largest online magazine resource. And the world is prettyy big. You can browse free articles (updated daily), get subscriptions to your favorite mags or just buy one issue. Honestly something for everyone. After paroozing a little for you (I got your back 😉 ) I found everything from wood working to guns to fashion to science to gossip. In face, Zinio has about 5500 options to choose from and some KILLER deals. I’m talking popular issues for $2. The sweetest part is having access to your account from any device. Badabing, badaboom.

For you reading gurus who love nothing more than curling up with a great book or some gossip and chocolate, flipping through the pages (maybe even smelling the pages…but please don’t admit that in public), enjoying something tangible is high on your list. I get it. Kind of. Really, I hated reading before my Kindle, but I can see where the passion comes from. I promise you will love reading from your device just as much! If you don’t, feel free to throw books at me or something.

Zinio 300x250

If you have more than one go to magazine you can get their Z pass, 3 magazines a month for just 5 bucks. Holla! There’s no commitments and right now they’re giving one month free! [Check here to find out what made the Z pass cut]

Do you need some examples? I feel like you do.


Now you’re getting excited. I can tell. Want to hear the good news? Zinio is giving away TEN FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS. Awe snap! Ten of you lucky dawgs will get your choice of a free subscription! Here’s how:

1. Go to and search the wide array of magazines available. (The amount of issues in each subscription differs)

2. Come back and leave a comment with your full name, e-mail and magazine title of choice.

3. Share share share! With your buddies, co workers, parents, fish. Whatever.

The give away ends on Thursday at 6:00 p.m., get your entry in before then! Only one per person. Winners will be contacted via e-mail shortly after! P.s. Even my ’round the world readers can enter 🙂

You guys are awesome and I’m so excited for this giveaway! I hope you winnn! 🙂