October Wish List

It’s the end of October and I have been far busier than expected. Do you guys feel like this month went by extremely fast? Either I’ve been lucky enough to have down time for paroozing or that’s all I’ve been wasting my time on. Let’s go with the latter. 😉

Here’s a few things I’m gushing over this October:

October Wish List

I always seem to have a watch on my list…maybe I should actually start buying them?

1. Kate Spade “Metro Grand” watch. Always say yes to glitter.
2. Cruel Mountain Lamp Shade. Loving the watercolor look!
3. Michael Kors is my main man. Get this: only 77$!!
4. RCVA Black Metal Dress. I think I’d wear that as a shirt though…
5. Jane. Gold pillow covers. EEEEEEEK!
6. Mango skull t-shirt. Loving this girly skull tank.

I can’t wait to share with you guys something foxy I got a few days ago 😉 What are you loving right now?



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September Wish List

We need to talk…I have an obsession…with foxes. Phew! That felt great to get off my chest! Who knows where it came from, but I am culturing it like nobody’s business. Put a fox on it. 😉

September Wish List

1. Geo Fox sweater via twostringjane on Etsy.

2. Tess Chair via Crate&Barrel.

3. Scarf via unknown. (Found on Pinterest, of course!)

4. Stockholm pillow via IKEA.

5. Fox iPhone 5 case via CreateandCase on Etsy.

6. Tory Burch Signature Shades by Bloomingdale’s.

7. Twig Ring via MarrenJewelry.

There are so many adorable fox sweaters out there! The first one I fell in love with was from ModCloth, but who pays over 100$ for a sweater?! Not this girl. Luckily there are plenty more options 🙂

What products are you guys loving right now?