Life In Color

Sometimes you just spontaneously do amazing things. Life In Color was one of those things.

I think these guys are on to something here. Starting out in 2006 they basically gave college students everywhere an excuse to wear sunglasses at night. Pair that with electric music, crazy performers doing flips and rolling around in cages on stage, laser lights and paint you’ve basically hit the jackpot of parties.

Formally known as Day Glow, Life in Color now goes on tour all over the world taking with them their resident DJ, David Solano (helllloooo cutie!) and other great electric DJ’s along for various shows. Everything is seriously top notch. I would kill to be their event photographer!


Their Rebirth tour made a pit stop at the Indianapolis Fair Grounds earlier this month. I assumed paint+music=outside so I was happy to see it was indoors! Far too chilly to be outside, what was I thinking?! They put plastic up everywhere for easy clean up. Smart move guys 😉 They had Carnage headline the show and he was phenomenal. I’ve never been one for this kind of music but it was pretty awesome.


There were crazy stage performers in bright neon outfits doing flips and hanging out in giant hamster wheels. So much fun to watch! They definitely added to the craziness. This guy was my favorite.


One of my best guy friends has gone in previous years and insisted I tag along. Who can complain? This is the only “pre” shot I got of us. But, we were both wearing white shirts…so fresh and so clean, clean.

1456636_10201397164828693_1428877279_nI put my phone in a sandwich baggie so as not to get destroyed by the paint. At first the pictures were fine, but after only a few shots of paint my baggie was covered…oops!



Love me some balloons! And to make things just a touch messier…they added confetti!



Completely covered by the end but totally worth it! We rushed back to the car where we already had towels down on the seats. I was exhausted on the ride home but I can’t wait to do it again. 🙂

Electric fans you absolutely need to check out these guys if you haven’t already (I could be totally behind the times here). I loved Solano’s song ‘Who We Are.’ Carnage and I could totes be friends because his twitter profile says “i like food and france” uhhhh, hello. let’s be bests.

Solano Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube
Carnage Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube

Think y’all will hit up the paint party when it rolls into a town near you? Have you already gone?! I wanna know!


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