May Featured Artist: The Wild Feathers

Oh boy…have I got some new music for your ear buds! I love discovering new artists, generally people who aren’t on the radio but I had to make an exception for these guys. That wonderful- I assure you.

When I first heard their hit song “The Ceiling” on the radio I did one of those pretending to sing along with the verses and only halfway getting the chorus things. You know what I’m talking about. First your head starts bobbing to the beat a bit, you look around to make sure no one’s staring, your fingers start playing the drums on the steering wheel and before you know it you’re singing random words at the top of your lungs. That care free, easy feeling of a great song getting in to every fabric of your being and taking control.

The Wild Featherssource

Band members Taylor Burns, Joel King, Ricky Young and Preston Wimberly actually met by incident in Austin through mutual friends. Now based out of Nashville, in three short years they’ve signed on with a major label and pumped out a couple hits. Don’t forget playing with Bob Dylan. I said it. Their Facebook ‘about’ caught my attention “They’re like if Led Zeppelin & The Band had a baby in Joshua Tree that grew up listening to Ryan Adams covering the Stones 70’s country influenced songs” because A. it’s hilarious and B. it’s completely true. Now, if you like any of those artists then I urge you to listen in.

There’s no shame in your ridiculous dance moves. I get you. 😉

{Cool to know: YouTube puts together mixes based on what video you’re watching. The mix from the second video is spectacular!}

For more check out their: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube


I wanna hear your thoughts on this find! Any cool new artists on your playlist recently?

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April Featured Artist: Noah

The music is back! Joy, sweet joy. I’m ecstatic for this month’s artist because he is excellent at taking covers and spinning them in a wild direction allowing the listener to hear a fresh take on something they already love.

I’m sure you YouTube going, cover loving music fanatics have listened to him before, but for those of you who haven’t, allow me to introduce: only1noah.


According to my great stalking skills/his profiles, his real name is Noah Guthrie and he’s from South Carolina. This summer he will be putting out his first album, holler! Mainly his videos consist of him and a guitar, very raw and “organic” as he likes to say. His sound is a sweet mixture of 3 parts smokey and one part blues. Occasionally you’ll see some collaboration- my personal favorites are with Christina Grimmie (who is wonderful and covered a Christina Perri song on Dancing With the Stars!) here and here. Noah claims he’s 19…eeeeh, not so sure about that one but I’m afraid we have to take his word for it. Fact: his voice is made of angel dust.

Without further adieu, here are two of my favorites:

{I could listen to that voice all day erry day. PLUS those glasses. Swoon!}

{Check out the You Are My Sunshine mugs I made for my parents!}

Now YOU can get to know Noah on your own 😉 : YouTube Channel, Website, Twitter, Facebook

Maybe one of these days I will be super duper famous and get to actually interview the artists I feature. A girl can dream.

What do you guys think of his sound? Any great local or YouTube artists out there you think I would enjoy or should feature?! Feel free to leave suggestions  in the comments or find my e-mail here.

Love your guts!

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