DIY State Canvas with Lyrics

I’m not the type to plan out a project. I usually get an idea and a few hours later there it is! But I’ve had this idea for quite some time now and took the time to do a couple rough drafts O.O woah.

My inspiration came from Parmalee’s song Carolina. I just adore the lyrics, “home is where my heart is still beating.” It’s definitely fitting of how I feel about Indiana. Ellettsville is a small speck on the map right outside of Bloomington, home to IU. It’s here I fell in love with basketball, played a plethora of sports and involved myself heavily in school functions and clubs, started friendships that have now lasted over a decade. After high school I moved to Lafayette and lived there for five years for school. I love the crazy weather patterns, miles of corn and incredibly gracious people. My life may take me anywhere, who knows?! I mean I’m pretty young. I want something that will always remind me Indiana is my home. 🙂

I decided to go with a canvas project. A glittery Indiana and the lyrics nice and bold. Here’s how I made it!

What you’ll need:
Print out of your home state
Acrylic paint; Navy Blue, Country Red and Mulberry are what I chose!
Cup of water


1. Make your state outline. To do this I used Photoshop.

Pick out an outline and open in PS.

First Step
Crop in as much as possible. SAVE SAVE SAVE.

Step Three
Crop the top half of your state (or left/right half) and save. Open the entire image again and crop the opposite half, save.

Crop Top Crop Bottom
When printing either half expand it as much as possible. It will yell at you and say it will be “cutting some of the image” but that’s okay.

Print TopPrint Bottom
2. Cut out your state. My top ended up being larger than the bottom so I cut it down to match.


3. Outline in pencil and start edging.

4. Fill in small sections at a time and dust glitter as you go. Give 30 minutes to dry.

5. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to seal in the glitter. Give 20 minutes to dry.

6. Draw out your words in pencil. I couldn’t see much when it was on the state, so some improve needed. {My handwriting is really bad…oh well!}

7. Use your other colors to fill in. Erase any areas you may not have gone over. Voila!


My painting skills aren’t to die for but I’m really happy with it 🙂 Do you have any home state pride around in your house? I would love to hear/see!!


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DIY Flower Music Sheet Wreath

I understand this post is a weeee bit late in the whole “hey it’s fall, put a wreath on your door” phase. BUT! I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. I’ve fallen in love with the book page flowers and decided to put my own little spin on it with music sheets! The flowers were more difficult to make than expected…probably because my music sheets are a billion years old and kept cracking. No matter, I gave them a little pep talk and got three pretty cute flowers out of them 😉 Let’s get started!

DIY Wreath

You will need:

  • Wreath base (Hobby Lobby 4.99$)
  • Twine (Hobby Lobby 3.49$)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Music Sheets

{In advance I apologize for the obvious night-craft-pictures}


{I suggest printing your own music out and tea dying the pages so they aren’t as frail. I literally had sheets crumbling in my hands.}

First, cut a long piece of twine. The longer you make it, the less sections you have to cut (if that makes sense). Start by gluing down your end and wrapping around twice. Glue the next section and now you can go for 5-6 wraps. Or however many you think will hold! Ensure you’re always pushing the twine together to make it tight. Wrap and glue and wrap and glue and wrap and glue!






Next you want to cut out four petal sizes. I cut 5 or more per shape and three different styles. One dark, one plain paper and one light. Also, cut out “stems” for your flowers. Make them fairly long so you have a bit to work with. They will act as the center of your flower.


Fold the edges of your petals back. You can just fold down the top or both sides. Experiment, this will make your flower unique!


Fold your stem over and glue. Start with the smallest petal size and essentially fold in half, long ways. Make sure the way you folded your flower in the previous step is opposite of this fold. Add a dot of glue and start adding. I made four each time. After the first layer add the next size up, so on and so forth. Fold and glue fold and glue!










Once your flower is done, cut the bottom of the stem off. Place where you want on the wreath and glue. Admire your creation. Now get in there and make a few more 😉


I used some old ribbon to tie ours up. I thought about adding more, but I really liked the simplicity and how your eyes are drawn to the flowers. I’m excited for our first wreath! Here’s to hoping the roommate is, too 😀


What kind of wreaths are hanging on your door this fall?